Pizza, Pizza, Daddy-O

PC: Google Images

PC: Google Images

The sun is one of the most essential aspects of the solar system. It gives us days and nights. The sun keeps us warm during the winters and hot during the summers. Without the sun, plants, fruits, and veggies would not be able to flourish. The sun is also good for cooking! Our campers learned  how to cook mini bagel pizzas by utilizing the sun’s energy. Follow the steps below and you learn too 🙂

Making pizza: Solar Energy Edition


First, you will need these materials:

  • Recycled pizza box
  • Black construction paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Clear plastic (heavy plastic laminate works best)
  • Non-toxic glue, tape, scissors, ruler, magic marker
  • Wooden dowel or straw
  • Rulers
  • Pencil or pen


1. Draw a one-inch border on all four sides of the top of the pizza box. Cut along three sides leaving the line along the back of the box uncut.

2. Form a flap by gently folding back along the uncut line to form a crease.

3.Cut a piece of aluminum foil to fit on the inside of the flap. Smooth out any wrinkles and glue into place.

4.Measure a piece of plastic to fit over the opening you created by forming the flap in your pizza box. The plastic should be cut larger than the opening so that it can be taped to the underside of the box top. Be sure the plastic becomes a tightly sealed window so that the air cannot escape from the oven interior.

5. Cut another piece of aluminum foil to line the bottom of the pizza box and carefully glue into place. Cover the aluminum foil with a piece of black construction paper and tape into place.

6.Close the pizza box top (window), and prop open the flap of the box with a wooden dowel, straw, or other device and face towards the sun.

7.Adjust the oven until the aluminum reflects the maximum sunlight through the window into the oven interior. Your oven is ready! Test how hot your oven can get using a simple oven thermometer!


 Do not forget your ingredients!

1.Mini bagels

2.Tomato sauce


4.Garden veggies (peppers, tomatoes, squash, greens

5.Herbs (oregano, basil)



Keep scrolling to see how our pizza turned out



A garden in your kitchen…How?!

Living in New York City does not always give much space for gardening. However, do not let that limit you. We can teach you how to skip a few items off of the grocery list! Our campers can show you how to make your own veggies and plants from kitchen scraps.

Our campers's kitchen scrap garden is coming along well.

Our campers’s kitchen scrap garden is coming along well.

I spot a few sprouts in our garden/Lolita Avila

I spot a few sprouts in our garden/Lolita Avila

Yes, you read it correctly, we said kitchen scraps. Normally, we throw away the crown of a pineapple because it is inedible. We may also  trash corn kernels and the base of celeries. Well, at The Children’s Garden we do not like to waste food.

The campers learned how to make their own kitchen scrap garden.


Pineapple2Soil2GarlicPineapple 1celerySoil2Soil3

While the pineapples and sweet potatoes may take a bit longer to grow, we are still looking forward to our sprouting corn, garlic, and celery.

Pineapple 2Soil4

Pineapple plant

The kids had a lot of fun cutting pineapples, sorting soil, and planting. We will be using the remainders of the pineapple to make delicious smoothies. Also, the celery will be paired with peanut butter to make a healthy snack. Yummm 😉

Pickling Carrots and Cucumbers

Most people have pickled cucumbers, but did you know you can also pickle carrots, string beans, tomatoes, and even eggs?! At the Children’s Garden, we use pickling as a way to preserve our harvest all year around. The campers had the chance to learn how to pickle carrots and cucumbers. Check out our photo gallery to see the kids hard at work!

The campers' pickled carrots and cucumbers/ Lolita Avila

The campers’ pickled carrots and cucumbers/ Lolita Avila

Hello Summer !

One of our campers raising his hand to participate/Lolita Avila

One of our campers raising his hand to participate/Lolita Avila

Today is the beginning of a beautiful summer with our campers. We have an eager and ambitious group who are excited to harvest and learn about the environment.

She was excited to discover a beet in our garden/Lolita Avila

She was excited to discover a beet in our garden/Lolita Avila

This program will introduce the children to fresh fruits and vegetables. Our campers will watch their crops grow and learn how to make delicious healthy snacks with them.

He is marking off items on his scavenger hunt list/ Lolita Avila

He is marking off items on his scavenger hunt list/ Lolita Avila

Today’s scavenger hunt allowed the kids to see different types of flowers, mushrooms, and animals. We have a lot in store for our campers but SHHHHHH…Do not tell them. We want to keep it a surprise 🙂